Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing

Why we meet top laboratory standards.

Laboratory testing is gaining a substantial impact on health care systems in sub Saharan Africa. However, the quality of service still needs to be addressed. Access to reliable diagnostic testing remains a challenge resulting in common misdiagnosis. Interestingly, at Sali International Hospital the role played by the laboratory in diagnosing, preventing, and treatment of disease is considered to be an essential integral part of providing patient holistic care hence the best modern technology equipment is what meets your eye when you enter our laboratory.

We have an elaborate quality control and quality assurance program to ensure that the results released from the lab are both accurate and reproducible. Also, numerous tests are done on site ranging from routine to esoteric tests for example CBC, liver and kidney function tests, tumor markers for the different types of cancer, and cardiac markers which are tests about the heart- to mention but a few. Currently we have capacity to run more than one thousand different tests and the depth of our test menu keeps diversifying.

In order to address the issue of long waiting hours that most patients experience elsewhere, we are able to send instantaneous reports to the patient’s email in liaison with the requesting doctor. Nonetheless, you are guaranteed to get your lab result within one to two hours for all routine tests.

The laboratory at Sali International Hospital has achieved a major impact on strengthening and upholding excellent health care provision by working closely with the doctors and also continuously recognizing that providing patients with comprehensive and correct results enables our clients to make the best choices towards better health. As far as competence of laboratory staff and modern equipment are concerned, the mystery is unraveled since every time to you come to Sali International Hospital laboratory, you will get the best service from the best.

Written by: Sadala Cassim

Lab Technologist